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Breast Explantation (Breast Implant Removal) in Baton Rouge, LA

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Over time, women may become disillusioned with their breast implants and consider returning to a more natural breast size and shape. Or, they may encounter health issues connected with their implants and seek to improve their well-being by having them removed.

The removal procedure is called breast explantation (or breast implant removal) and should be handled by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Explantation?

Anyone who is no longer happy with their breast implants is a good candidate for explantation. There can be numerous reasons for reversing a breast augmentation — from complications associated with scar tissue to major life changes to suspected health conditions affecting the chest, the immune system, and other areas of the body.

As with any plastic surgery, it is helpful if the candidate is in general good health, a non-smoker, able to maintain a stable weight, and realistic in her expectations.


What Implant Complications Require Removal (Explantation)?

While breast implants are tested, safe, and reliable, they do not last forever and are not excluded from experiencing problems.

Many implant complications require secondary surgery with the removal of the implant. These include:

  • Capsular contracture: Where the scar tissue capsule hardens and constricts the implant
  • Implant rupture: Where the implant weakens and develops a tear, allowing the inner contents the ability to leak
  • Implant displacement: Where the implant moves out of the breast pocket
  • Anatomical implant malposition: Where an anatomical implant rotates in the pocket, causing aesthetic distortion

Double bubble deformity: Where the implant falls partially below the breast crease beneath the breast, causing the look of a double breast

How Is Breast Explantation Performed?

The goal of the explantation procedure is to remove the implant safely. In some cases, this includes the scar tissue that may have built up around it.

In most cases, breast implant removal is performed under general anesthesia for your safety and comfort. When possible, Dr. Ghere will reuse the incision from your initial breast augmentation; however, that incision may need to be lengthened depending on the techniques used during removal.

Breast explantation is highly individualized and may or may not be combined with other plastic surgery procedures to enhance aesthetics following the removal of the implant.

Common breast explantation techniques include:

  • Removal of the implant only: The implant is removed, the breast pocket is stitched up, and the incision is closed
  • Capsulectomy (en bloc capsulectomy, total capsulectomy, partial capsulectomy): The implant and the surrounding scar tissue capsule is removed; during an en bloc capsulectomy, the implant and scar tissue is removed in one piece; during a total capsulectomy, all scar tissue is removed along with the implant, but it is removed in pieces; during a partial capsulectomy, only some of the scar tissue is removed
  • Implant removal and breast lift: The implant is removed, and a breast lift is performed to tighten and lift the breasts; this alleviates breast sagging and restores a perkier appearance
  • Implant removal and fat transfer: The implant is removed, and harvested fat from your body is transferred to the breasts to increase volume (usually ½ cup to one cup size)
  • Implant removal and breast revision: The implant is removed, and a new implant is added; this can be done alone or in combination with other plastic surgery techniques

These techniques can be combined to ensure that you are pleased with your aesthetic results following your breast explantation.

Plastic Surgery can restore you, or transform you.

What Is Recovery After Breast Implant Removal Like?

Your surgical team will send you home with detailed instructions for post-operative care. You may have tubes for drainage among the dressings. There will likely be some swelling and pain, which can be managed with medication.

Several weeks of downtime healing will be required, and strenuous exercise must be avoided. Be sure to discuss all of this with Dr. Ghere.

What Results Can I Expect After Breast Explantation?

You will immediately notice a return to a more natural breast size and shape. As swelling subsides, the breast will adapt to their new shape. The final results may not be fully apparent for several months.

Interested in Breast Implant Removal in Baton Rouge, LA?

If you are in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area and would like to learn more about the health benefits of breast explantation, give the friendly team at Ghere Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery a call. They can answer all your questions about breast implant removal and schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mary Ghere. Call 225-412-4774 today or fill out our online contact form.

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