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Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction surgery is performed to correct the physical challenges and emotional distress caused by naturally large breasts. Breasts of significant size and weight can become obstructions that prevent women from enjoying physical exercise. They may cause irritation and pain during everyday activities, even with supportive clothing. Women may also develop emotional distress or cultivate unhealthy self-consciousness because of their overly large breasts.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

During your consultation, Dr. Ghere will help you determine if breast reduction surgery can be successful for your needs. Your safety and care is Dr. Ghere’s highest priority. She will evaluate your medical history and discuss your previous issues with your breast size and how they affect you on an emotional and physical level. From the first consultation to your follow-up appointments, Dr. Ghere operates with compassion and professionalism to provide the care you deserve.

Breast reduction is an ideal procedure for women with a breast size that is large enough to look disproportionate to the rest of the body or heavy enough to cause frequent pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Breast reduction can help women who suffer from chronic irritation, such as rashes beneath the breasts, bra straps that indent the shoulders, and chafing from exercise. Furthermore, women who have developed asymmetrical breasts can achieve more balanced breasts with reduction surgery.


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How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Done?

Breast reduction surgery is performed using general anesthesia and takes between two and a half and four hours to complete.

Where Are the Incisions for Breast Reduction?

Once the patient is comfortablely sedated, Dr. Ghere will use one of the following incision methods to remove the excess breast tissue:

  • A donut-shaped pattern: two concentric circles around the areola
  • A lollipop-shaped pattern: around the areolas and vertically down the lower breast tissue
  • An inverted-T pattern: around the areolas, down the lower breast, and horizontally across the inframammary fold

The incision for your surgery will depend on the amount of breast tissue you need removed. Excess tissue and skin are removed, and the remaining tissues are tightened and reshaped to create smaller, firmer breasts.

Can My Nipples and Areolas Be Reduced During Breast Reduction?

Reduction and repositioning techniques will be used on the nipples and areolas when necessary to make them smaller and higher on the breast. Depending on the breast reduction technique and amount of breast tissue removed, the areola can either be removed and reattached or be adjusted upward as the tissue around it is removed.

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What Should I Expect for Breast Reduction Recovery?

Most patients must take off work for at least one week; however, full breast reduction recovery may require six to eight weeks. Swelling and bruising are likely to occur but will subside within the initial weeks of recovery.

Proper rest and diet are all valuable benefits not only for a woman’s recovery but also for the overall longevity of her results. Dr. Ghere will advise against more strenuous activities until the initial weeks of recovery are complete. Dr. Ghere will also provide safe and mandatory instructions on how to properly take care of the incision sites during the recovery process.

Is Recovery After Breast Reduction Painful?

Any pain experienced after breast reduction can be easily managed with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication.

What Is My Breast Reduction Recovery Week by Week?

Day 1

You will have some swelling and bruising after your breast reduction surgery; however, you won’t see this as gauze bandages will cover the breasts and incisions. Additionally, you will need to wear a surgical bra to support your breasts.

During these first 24 hours, you will want to ice your breasts for 10 to 15 minutes at a time as much as possible.

Week 1

You will need to plan on being off from work during the first week after your procedure, though some patients may be able to return to non-strenuous work, such as a desk job. Make sure that you are resting your body as much as possible; however, it is important to engage in light exercises, such as short walks. Just make sure that you are not lifting anything or raising your arms above your head.

You will continue to have swelling and bruising during this week, and medication can be taken to alleviate any pain or discomfort you may feel. Make sure to eat healthy and drink lots of water. Lastly, you will need to make sure that you are sleeping on your back and wearing loose-fitting and light-fabric clothing.

Week 2

During your second week after surgery, your swelling and bruising should start to dissipate. You’ll also likely be feeling little-to-no pain in the surgical area, and any tightness and soreness in the breasts should be minimal. You will still need to wear a support bra during this week, as it will help with your recovery and results.

During this week, you will be able to start driving again, and if you haven’t returned to work, you should be able to do so at this point. Make sure to continue resting your body and staying away from any strenuous activities, and make sure to continue sleeping on your back.

Week 3

By the third week after your surgery, your routine should almost be back to normal. Most swelling in your breasts should be gone, though you will still need to wear a soft bra with no underwire. Additionally, make sure that you are still staying away from any strenuous activities that may put pressure on your incisions or your breasts, in general. You will still need to sleep on your back.

Weeks 4 through 6

By these weeks after your breast reduction surgery, you should be feeling normal. Your energy should be back, and you should be able to complete your regular, daily activities, including exercises. Additionally, you can now sleep on your side or stomach without any worry of disrupting your recovery process.

What Will My Breast Reduction Results Be Like?

The chest contours of breast reduction patients will have a more diminished, balanced, and proportionate appearance after the body recovers. More clothing options should fit appropriately, and the breasts should no longer cause chafing and irritation.

Women who receive breast reduction surgery are expected to acclimate slowly to the new weight and size of their breasts. These women may find an improved posture, increased self-confidence, and more activities in which they can partake.

An increase in self-confidence can cause a positive feedback loop for women who receive breast reduction. Many women report a boost in confidence and find that they are more likely to visit the gym or participate in athletic activities. In turn, this encourages a healthy diet and positive lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction

  • Will my breast reduction last forever?

    Breast reductions are generally permanent. However, the breasts are still susceptible to aging, weight gain, and gravity’s effects. Pregnancy may also partially reverse the effects of breast reduction.

    Breast reduction patients can enjoy their results for years to come by following Dr. Ghere’s instructions and adhering to healthy habits.

  • Can a breast reduction improve the appearance of my areolas and nipples?

    Women who have large breasts may develop downward-pointing nipples instead of nipples that are facing outward or upward. Dr. Ghere can reposition the areola and nipple with unique incision methods to suit your needs. A breast reduction can make the nipple area more attractive with a youthful projection.

  • What are the potential complications associated with breast reduction surgery?

    All surgeries have some form of risk due to their nature. Dr. Ghere does everything in her professional power to prevent or resolve any complications from treatment.

  • Can women undergo breast reduction at a young age?

    Breast reduction surgery can be very beneficial for teenage and young adult women who are uncomfortable with their large breast size. Young women considering cosmetic surgery should desire the procedure for themselves and have fully developed breasts.

  • Will breast reduction surgery correct breast sagging?

    If patients suffer from severe skin laxity and drooping in the breasts, breast lift techniques can be combined with breast reduction to provide a more balanced and youthful bust.

  • What other surgeries can be combined with a breast reduction?

    Patients may also desire benefits from liposuction surgery to reduce extra fat that may have collected around the breasts.

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