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Breast Reconstruction In Baton Rouge


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Breast reconstruction is a surgery that recreates breasts after a mastectomy or lumpectomy has been performed. These procedures that remove breast tissue can have a massive impact on a woman’s physical well-being and her emotional well-being. Dr. Ghere aims to repair damage to the breast(s) caused by cancer and subsequent treatments to help her patients feel whole again.

Breast reconstruction restores the natural size and shape of one or both breasts primarily after cancer removal surgeries. These techniques can also be applied to women who have suffered breast damage from accidents or other injuries.


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Am I a Candidate for Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

During your consultation, Dr. Ghere will review your history regarding your breast removal treatments and discuss your previous issues with cancer or other abnormal tissue around the breasts.

Breast Reconstruction Is an Ideal Procedure for Women Who:

  • Are in good health or have been cleared for cosmetic treatment by a breast cancer specialist.
  • Have chronic feelings of self-consciousness following cancer removal therapy about their breast appearance.
  • Have had mastectomy or lumpectomy procedures that left the breasts looking unnatural or less feminine.
  • Have a feeling of loss or as if a part of them has been taken after mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Breast Reconstruction Faqs

  • What Is Breast Reconstruction Surgery Like?

    Reconstructing the breasts typically requires more than one operation. Some patients have the option of immediate reconstruction, where the initial stage of reconstruction begins at the same time as the mastectomy, which may reduce the cost of your breast reconstruction. Patients can also choose to have delayed reconstruction, where reconstruction is started after they heal from their mastectomy and finish radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

    Breast reconstruction surgery begins with the use of general anesthesia. The breast(s) can be reconstructed using a tissue expander and implants or using a skin flap, which may also involve implants. Additionally, nipple and areola reconstruction can also be performed to make the reconstructed breasts look as natural as possible. A specialized fat transfer or liposuction treatment is also a great method for further contouring the breasts and correcting irregularities.

  • What Should I Expect During Breast Reconstruction Recovery?

    Dr. Ghere will advise you regarding the recovery process for your breast reconstruction surgery. You will need to wear a surgical garment to support your reconstructed breasts and minimize swelling. Swelling and bruising will occur but should resolve after a few weeks. A drainage tube may be placed along the treated area to collect excess fluid and blood. Pain can be managed with prescribed oral medication.

  • What Will My Breast Reconstruction Results Be Like?

    It may take up to six months after your operation for your final breast contours to become visible. Your new breasts will continue to age at a natural rate, but you will have breasts once again.

    Breast reconstruction results can make you feel reconnected with your breasts and beautiful inside and out. This procedure can also help you feel more confident following your breast cancer journey and improve your self-esteem. Many patients report an overall increase in the quality of life after breast reconstruction.

  • Will I Have Scars After Breast Reconstruction?

    The visibility of scarring will depend on the breast reconstruction technique used. Visible scars that do arise can be hidden underneath clothing and will resolve as time passes.

Have questions about breast reconstruction?

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Dr. Ghere is dedicated to giving patients in Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish the results they deserve. Contact Dr. Ghere to see if breast reconstruction surgery and any other procedures you’re interested in are right for you. Schedule an appointment by calling (225) 412-4774.

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