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As people age, their facial tissues begin to weaken naturally, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity. This process is one of the most common signs of aging and one of the least liked. Fortunately, facelift surgery can correct facial wrinkles and sagging tissues.

A facelift can tighten sagging skin and tissues on the lower and midface. A complete facelift (rhytidectomy) can make patients look years or even decades younger.


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Should I Get a Facelift?

People who are unhappy with their appearance due to aging may find that facelift surgery is an ideal solution. This procedure is best for patients looking for a long-term solution to visible aging.

What Are the Reasons to Get a Facelift?

Cosmetic surgery can provide much quicker results compared to other anti-aging treatments. Instead of at-home or in-office treatments that must be repeated over several months, a facelift is a one-day surgery that only requires one to two weeks of downtime. Although there will be swelling and bruising, this often subsides quickly, allowing you to show off your refreshed appearance sooner.

Additionally, no other non-surgical or minimally invasive treatment can correct facial laxity as a facelift can. This surgery targets multiple layers of your skin and tissue for complete rejuvenation.

Why spend months or years trying various treatments when a single operation can provide the results you are looking for? Facial rejuvenation can increase a patient’s self-confidence and self-image.

How Is a Facelift Surgery Performed?

Most plastic surgery techniques (including rhytidectomy) are performed under general anesthesia.

During the procedure, incisions may be made in the hairline or behind the ears. Excess skin and underlying tissue are pulled up and secured higher on the face using sutures.

This tightens the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Excess skin is trimmed away if necessary.

To ensure natural-looking results, both the skin and underlying tissues are addressed. This prevents the once-common “windblown” look that was synonymous with a poorly performed facelift.

How Long Will My Recovery Take After My Facelift?

Most patients take a week or two off work to recover. Mild to moderate discomfort during the first week of recovery is expected and can be treated with prescription or over-the-counter medications.

It is possible to resume work and light exercise after one to two weeks, but you should avoid vigorous exercise for four to six weeks. Results should become more visible as swelling subsides. This can take up to four to six weeks or even longer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facelift Surgery

  • Can I combine a facelift with other procedures?

    Yes. Rhytidectomy is commonly combined with other facial procedures, such as:

  • Will I have scars after my facelift?

    Scars are inevitable after surgery. However, facial scars will be well concealed within the hairline or behind the ears in the natural creases. This means that it will be difficult to see these scars unless you deliberately go looking for them.

    All scars fade with time.

  • What is the cost of facelift surgery?

    Your facelift cost will vary depending on the techniques used, the degree of correction required, and fees charged by the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and operating room. For this reason, Dr. Ghere will provide you with a personalized cost during your consultation.

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