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If Fat Transfer to the Breast Enhances Volume and Contours the Body, Why Are Implants Still So Popular?

Posted February 05, 2021 in Breast Augmentation, Fat Transfer

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Aesthetic trends are always evolving, and when it comes to breast enhancement, women have two viable options: breast augmentation with implants and fat transfer to breasts from other parts of the body. Both procedures enhance the look, size, and feel of breasts, helping to boost your self-confidence and appearance.

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What Is Fat Transfer (Natural Breast Augmentation)?

Fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure that aims to enhance the breasts’ volume and shape, using fat removed with liposuction from another part of the body. Your surgeon harvests fat from an unwanted area of your body, such as the abdomen, back, hips, thighs, buttocks (or a combo of desired areas) and carefully injects the healthiest and most viable fat cells into your breast tissue.

The main draw to natural breast augmentation is that it ends up meeting two goals. Individuals can boost their breasts’ size and shape while also achieving a more sculpted and contoured silhouette.

The procedure is ideal for women looking for a relatively modest increase in breast size with additional body contouring.

What Are the Pros of Natural Fat Transfer?

  1. Fat is a natural augmenting material. For those with reservations about having foreign substances in their body, a fat transfer is a great alternative to achieving naturally enhanced breasts while contouring another body area.
  2. There are no implant-related risks as you will be using your own tissue. Implants pose the risk of rupturing, shifting, or collapsing, which often result in aesthetic complications and necessary corrective procedures.
  3. Recovery time is minimal since the incisions are very small. This means that patients can achieve an increased breast size without the recovery period of breast implants. The tiny incisions leave virtually no scarring, which adds to the natural look.

Why Are Implants Still Popular?

It’s important to understand that fat transfer to breasts doesn’t produce the same results as breast implants. There are limitations on the volume that can be achieved with fat transfer. Therefore, for women who would like to improve their breast size by a more significant amount or those who are naturally very lean, implants are more suitable.

Also, fat survival after fat transfer can be unpredictable as some of the fat is eventually absorbed in the body. This has the potential to result in a bit of asymmetry.

Additionally, if you have additional concerns like sagging breasts, fat transfer alone won’t address the problem. Many individuals will need to incorporate a breast lift with implants to achieve the desired results.

Interested in Learning More?

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