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Will Breast Implants Interfere With Mammograms?

Posted October 26, 2020 in Breast Augmentation

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Mammograms are essential for every woman and can even help save lives by diagnosing potential breast cancer tumors early. While it has become widely known that there is no link between implants and breast cancer, some women are unsure whether their breast implants will prevent them from undergoing a routine mammogram.

Women starting to undergo a mammogram.

Mammograms are an essential practice for women with or without breast implants.

Will Breast Implants Change My Mammograms?

Technically, yes, breast implants (silicone or saline) can obscure mammogram images because the X-ray cannot penetrate through the implant. This can decrease the ability of the mammogram to reveal breast cancer. However, technology has come a long way, and as the popularity of breast implants has grown in the past few decades, doctors have established new protocols in mammogram screenings.

How Are Mammograms Different If I Have Implants?

To ensure the doctor sees as much breast tissue as possible, women with implants will have more pictures taken. They take four extra photos (two on each breast) as well as the four standard images. 

These additional pictures are called implant displacement (ID) views. The implant is pushed back towards the chest wall, and the breast is pulled forward. This helps for better imaging of the breast.

Mammogram Tips For Women With Breast Implants

Women with breast implants should complete the following tips to have a successful mammogram.

Mention Your Implants

When you make your appointment, mention that you have breast implants. Then, at the appointment itself, make sure to mention it again.

Choose Experienced Doctors

Find a facility that regularly treats women with breast implants. They will have the expertise to ensure your mammogram is still as detailed as it needs to be.

Ask the clinic about their experience with taking mammograms for breast implants and what their procedures are. If they don’t mention the extra pictures, you know they aren’t experienced enough to handle your mammogram.

Get Regular Mammograms

Mammograms are a life-saving procedure that should be done regularly. It’s common to get your first mammogram in your 40s. The American Cancer Society recommends women aged 40 to 54 get a mammogram annually, and women aged 55 and older can get them every two years. Regardless of you having breast implants or not, a mammogram is an essential part of your health routine.

Interested in Learning More?

Now that you understand the procedures around getting a mammogram with breast implants, you may be interested in cosmetic breast procedures. Both breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgeries can offer you the confidence in your body that you have been missing.

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