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Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Posted June 05, 2019 in Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that can restore the natural size and shape of one or both breasts after tissue was surgically removed due to cancer. Many women who have had their natural breast tissue removed may often feel self-conscious about their appearance. Dr. Ghere can perform breast reconstruction surgery to restore your feminine curves. Breast reconstruction is a personal decision, and patients should decide to undergo this procedure based on their own desires rather than outside influences.

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Physical and Emotional Relief

Many women who have undergone a mastectomy may feel physically and emotionally empty. Some patients may also feel their body lacks femininity and no longer accentuates the rest of their appearance. Women who undergo breast reconstruction surgery can expect closure from having lost their breasts to cancer and feel whole again.

A Restored and Natural Breast Appearance

Undergoing plastic surgery can be a huge decision for any person considering the possibility. However, some patients may wish to have surgery due to fear of their results looking unnatural. Breast reconstruction surgery can create a breast mound that will not only restore one or both breasts but it can also help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking bustline.

Enhanced Self-Confidence

Reconstructive surgery helps restore self-confidence and divert attention away from a traumatic mastectomy. Many cancer patients can also undergo this procedure and see it as a positive part of their recovery.

Ideal Candidates

Women who have lost one or both breasts after undergoing mastectomy are ideal candidates for breast reconstruction surgery. Patients must also be in good physical and emotional health and have realistic expectations about their results. Additionally, it is best that patients quit smoking a few weeks before and after their procedure, as this can affect their final results. During your consultation, Dr. Ghere will review your medical history and examine the condition of your breasts to determine the technique she feels will best meet your needs.

To learn more about breast reconstruction surgery, you may call Dr. Ghere at (225) 412-4774 or schedule a consultation with us online today!

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