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When to Consider Breast Lift Surgery

Posted May 16, 2019 in Breast Lift Surgery

Gravity keeps us grounded here on earth, but may not always be our friend when it comes to withstanding the tests of time. As we age, our skin tends to grow thinner and less supple until it’s eventually unable to support its former shape and firmness. Add in gravity and other factors, and before we know it, we’re fighting back wrinkles and sagging, loose skin. For many women, this unlucky combination can lead to flat, drooping breasts.

With breast lift surgery, Dr. Ghere can help reverse some of those signs of aging and bring back a more supple, youthful look. Breast lift surgery can help increase firmness and provide a refreshed, uplifted silhouette to breasts that have drooped or sagged from age, weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

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How Breast Lifts Work

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening tissue to reshape the breasts. This will drastically reduce sagging or drooping. A breast lift can also help raise the position of the nipples and shrink enlarged areolas. Breast lift surgery will not change the size of your breasts, but it can be combined with augmentation or reduction surgery if needed.

Reasons for Breast Lift Surgery

The main reason for choosing breast lift surgery is a desire to lift breasts that are drooping or sagging. For many women, seeing their breasts lose their firmness and shape can be a major blow to their confidence, and a breast lift can restore and reshape the area. There are several factors that can lead to sagging breast tissue, including:


As we grow older, we produce less of proteins such as collagen, causing skin to thin out and stretch. For women, this means the skin in our breasts is less able to support the tissues within, leading to sagging. Gravity will also cause ligaments in the breast to stretch further, ultimately resulting in flatter, longer-looking breasts.

Weight Loss

Drastic fluctuations in weight—either gaining weight or losing weight in a short amount of time—can lead to saggy or drooping breasts. Weight gain will stretch the breast skin, which is not always able to shrink back afterward, resulting in loose, sagging breasts. Rapid or drastic weight loss can also cause breasts to loosen and lose their shape.


Women who are pregnant will often see their breasts change quite a bit as their baby grows. Breasts typically get larger as the breasts prepare for milk production. As with regular weight fluctuations, the temporary gain could stretch breast tissue to the point that it cannot stretch back once baby is born—leaving looser, more pendulous breasts as a result.


Just as with pregnancy, breastfeeding will also cause breast ligaments to stretch as the milk ducts accommodate production. This stretching may not always be repaired by the body and can lead to looser skin and flatter-looking breasts.

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Whatever your reason for getting a breast lift, it can help take years off your overall look, bring back confidence after having a baby, and enhance your overall silhouette. Results are generally long-lasting, but the breasts will still age, so another procedure may be needed in the future. A breast lift could be combined with other procedures, such as breast augmentation, or be part of a larger procedure like a “Mommy Makeover.” No matter what, Dr. Ghere will work with you and provide the very best care to get you the youthful contour and uplift you desire. Gravity may not be our friend—but no one has to know.

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