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Your Ultimate Guide to Prepare for a Tummy Tuck

Posted January 04, 2022 in Tummy Tuck

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Are you about to have tummy tuck surgery? If that’s the case, you’re undoubtedly feeling both thrilled and anxious. It is natural to feel this way; you’re about to have major surgery after all.

However, with proper preparation, you can considerably reduce your anxiety and help ensure that your surgery runs smoothly. This guide will help you prepare for tummy tuck surgery. 

Woman pushing her belly fat together to show excess pooch.

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What Is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) reduces extra skin and fat from the navel region and tightens the abdominal muscles to form a flatter tummy. Both men and women can have tummy tucks.

How Do I Prepare for a Tummy Tuck?

Schedule a Consultation

The first step is to make an appointment with a licensed plastic surgeon. During your consultation, be sure to discuss your expectations and goals for the surgery. The surgeon will also want to know about your medical history and any medicines you’re taking.

Lose Some Weight

When having a tummy tuck, try to lose weight beforehand (if you have excess weight to lose). Patients should wait until they’re close to their desired weight before undergoing a tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck surgery is a body sculpting procedure, not a weight-loss surgery. The best results are usually found in patients at a healthy, stable weight.

Additionally, being overweight during surgery could lead to higher complications and skin necrosis. Moreover, weight loss before the surgery increases success rates and lessens concerns for infections.

Adopt a Healthier Diet

Adopting a healthy diet is essential as you get ready for your surgery. Eating nutritious foods can help you heal quicker and have more minimal scarring after your operation.

Some healthy diet tips: Avoid processed foods and sugar-sweetened beverages. Also, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and get enough protein and fiber. Finally, stay hydrated.

Quit Smoking

Smoking may have detrimental effects on your total outcome of surgery. Smoking increases the odds of developing post-operative issues. Additionally, smokers also tend to heal slower than non-smokers. 

Smoking may impede blood circulation in your body, delaying the recovery process.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

You should consider reducing your alcohol intake before having surgery. Alcohol can raise the danger of bleeding during and after surgery. Additionally, alcohol might impede the efficiency of anesthesia. 

Drinking can also affect your wound healing process.

Check All Medications and Supplements

Make sure to double-check all medications and supplements before your tummy tuck surgery. This is because your routine medication may not be compatible with the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will review all medications before your surgery and let you know if any adjustments need to be made.

Getting a Tummy Tuck?

There are many boxes to check before and after a tummy tuck procedure. For more information about effective pre- and post-surgery care, reach out to Dr. Ghere. She is dedicated to helping you realize the results you desire. Schedule an appointment by calling (225) 412-4774 or completing our online contact form.

You can also see how Dr. Ghere has helped her previous patients by visiting our tummy tuck before and after gallery.

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